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Pinwheel Dischloth (pattern can be adapted to a larger gauge loom to create a blanket)


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50 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I found the video’s very helpful however I would have liked to see the result from inside the loom to make sure my work looks correct and the finished project, i.e. socks, hats, etc. I would also like to see something made with the various stiches to see if I like the pattern. Thanks for posting the instructions.

  2. Could you possibly do a video of the SHELL stitch on the Knifty Knitter Loom? I have followed the instructions to a “T” and it just looks like a bunch of knots!!
    Would appreciate this so much as my sister and I are both having the same problem.

  3. working with color video is not working it sends you to a link to sign up
    HUGS Dora

  4. I am trying to make a baby cocoon wrap with the green circular loom. I think I figured out how to make the top open like a v but I am wondering do I need to start decreasing it as it gets longer (its kind of like a long sock cap) If so, I don’t know how to decrease a circular pattern on the loom.

  5. I am trying to make a sock but with the toe-up method.
    I was looking for a video but cant seem to find it.
    Do you have a video off the toe up methode..??
    I have made the heel with the short row. After seeing the your video… thanks

  6. the video to creating the bobbles didn’t work. would love to learn how to do that or the popcorn stitch.

  7. Hi,
    My name is Niral and I love your free knitting videos. You have inspired me to start knitting, so thank you!
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    Thank You for Your time,
    Niral Patel

  8. I was informed that you would have a video for a single stitch on the knifty knitter straight (long) loom. I would like to make a flat panel for like an afghan or the back of a sweater. Where is the video? Thanks!

  9. Umm, flat panel or single stitch video? Perhaps you were
    misinformed. I dont have a single stitch video or at least nothing
    with that name. There is a flat panel video in the videos section.

  10. Would it be possible for you to do a single stitch demonstration?  The Knifty Knitter only has a picture of the single stitch on the straight loom with no instructions.  Thanks a bunch!

  11. I dont have the instructions booklet so I dont know what they are
    referring to. Perhaps you can email Provo Craft and they can help
    you out a little more.

  12. really for me has been a pleasure to read this article. I’d like much more information on topic! I support my party always reading. The video was very comprehensive and appropriate content.

  13. Hi Isela,
    I love your instructional videos!!!
    I can’t however, download the video to my computer. Do you sell these as dvd’s? I would love to buy some.
    thanks for all of the help with this craft, I love it.

  14. Hi Isela,
    I am new to knitting and loom knitting. My 8yr daughter and I have taken up both. We both think loom knitting is easier. Would you please make a video about how to attach and Icord to a purse or a picture detailed instruction PDF. The first link below is from your site. I think I understand the instruction, but just am not sure I am doing it right. The second site has the cutest little bags that we are trying to make. Thank you I love your site. Lisa

  15. I’m making the basic hat in your Loom Knitting Primer and I’m having difficulty understanding the directions for the crown of the hat, decreasing the stitches. I would love to see and video of this, as I am a very visual person. Thank you!

  16. I just wanted to say Thank you Isela. I bought your book Loom Knitting Primer hoping it would teach me and because I loved a lot of the patterns in it, however, I am a visual learner and not from pictures but from watching someone else to learn things, but I wanted to give it a try. Once I have basics I can do pretty much anything. So when I didn’t understand the directions my Aunt and I looked online for videos to show me what each part meant in your book and found your instructional videos for everything. Thank you so much for making it easier for me to learn how to knit with a loom!

  17. Could you post instructions showing how to do z wrap stitch? And thank you for doing all the videos and other instructions. I have learned so much from your site.

  18. does anyone know how when knitting on a round loom a flat panel-how to make the next row wider than the previous one??thanks!!

  19. Am trying k then Ps K P3. I got interrupted by a doe of mine kidding and now I am lost. I hve no idea what row is next. Is therre any way to tell or do I have to unravel and start over. since I am new, first piece, I’m just lost.

  20. I am new to loom knitting. well knitted all together.
    I am lost. I am doing P3, K, P3 for a scarf. I got side tracked with goat kidding and have no idea where I am at. Is there a way to tell wherre to pickup the rows or do I have to unravel and start over?

  21. Hi Isela, I would like to start a project on the 62 peg long blue loom. The instructions state to ewrap all 62 pegs and then turn on the last peg? Does that mean that I will be making a flat panel? Not really sure how to proceed any help you can give would be great. Thanks!

  22. Hi Isela –
    I have 2 of your books and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them but I am totally confused with the photos of how to make a toe up sock. I don’t understand how the scrap yarn is suppose to work or how to connect it to the yarn used for the sock.
    Any chance for a video on how to get the toe started??

  23. Hi Isela, Yesterday I bought my first loom (the long rectangular one and looked on You Tube for videos. I am already hooked (ha, ha). Would you consider making some of your booklets available for digital download as I live in Cape Town, South Africa and by the time I pay in South Africa Rands for the book, shipping and at this end Sales Tax and Customs Duty it works out rather expensive. I love your instructions and videos. Please keep up the good work. Lesley from a very cold and wet Cape Town, South Africa

  24. Your videos are very good. You mentioned about a DVD. How much is it? I might be interested in purchasing one. I’m a beginner at knitting on the kk looms.

  25. Hi, thank you so much for this wonderful website. I just discovered it yesterday. I just learned to loom a year ago and fell in love. Well Isela I am trying to knit the Mock Cable hat. For some reason when I am crossing the pegs it is really tight is that normal? Instead of a knit stitch should I use the e-wrap so that it will allow the yarn to stretch easier?

  26. Help! I am a beginner to loom knitting and have purchased one of your books
    I am trying to follow the instructions for the yarn over cast off method but I cannot get it right, I end up with a stitch on every other peg and the item still attached to the loom!
    I am trying to make headbands hence wanting to use this cast off method as I need the item to be ‘stretchy’
    Can you please tell me if you have a video or additional instructions to show me where I am going wrong?

  27. Hello! Thank you for posting your videos. 🙂 Up till now, the only method I’ve tried on my looms is the e-wrap. 🙂 I do have a question. I am wondering what is the difference between the Knit Stitch, and the Purl Stitch. When looking at your videos, they seem to be the same. Is there a particular detail that I am missing? Thank you ahead of time for any help you can give me. <3

  28. I bough your book and tried the simple hat, loved the look of it but unfortunately I had to unravel it. I did not understand the decrease for the crown instructions. I thought I did but after moving the stitches I was lost because my empty pegs was 13 and not 12. Could you do a video that has these instructions?

  29. i was wondering if you know how to do mattress stitch
    on the knitting loom if so can you make a video
    how to do it to help me im trying mattress stitch
    mitten’s but i have no idea what im doing.

  30. i love this page thanks to your videos i can design my own knitting loom prjects thanks so much.
    i added this page to my favorites.

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