Garter Amidst Ruffles

Another fabulous way to use the lovely ruffle style yarn! It is quick and it is so lovely! Project Information Knitting loom: Large gauge knitting board with a set of 8 pegs. Yarn: 1 skein of ruffle style yarn. Project was knit using Starbella. Notions: knitting tool Instructions Using the top row of the netting,Continue reading “Garter Amidst Ruffles”

Earflap Hat Calculator

I found this spreadsheet on creating earflap hats on the loom. It has a basic formula where you plug in numbers to create an earflap hat. The file also has some of the most popular hat numbers in the loom knitting industry along with the earflap width, front gap and back gap. Enjoy! Formula toContinue reading “Earflap Hat Calculator”

Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern

  Simple and fast! t can be done in just a few hours! Materials: Knitting loom with at least 16 pegs 82 yards of ribbon style yarn Knitting tool Skills knowledge: knit stitch, purl stitch, yarn over, knitting a flat panel Download your Drop Stitch Scarf pattern! Video: Added a how-to video on doing theContinue reading “Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern”

Fluffy Pleats

Another gorgeous yarn came rolling down my way. Tinseltown yarn. I couldn’t pass it up! It kept taunting me with its fluffy, silvery pleats. I had to have it! I saw it a few weeks ago at my local yarn store and I just couldn’t forget about it. Days will pass and the fluffy pleatsContinue reading “Fluffy Pleats”

Another Oldie–Mock Cable Hat

I guess most of my patterns from 2005 are hidden in my pattern files somewhere in my old computers. My Boyo was little and he was always my little model and victim to my knitted items. Hope you enjoy this one. If I ever get a chance, I would love to redo this one withContinue reading “Another Oldie–Mock Cable Hat”

In search of Squiddy

This is an old pattern…I am talking about 5 years old. Someone asked about it and I had completely forgotten that I had it. It is not in the Free patterns area nor in the blog. I am sticking it in here until I can update the Free Patterns area. Download Squiddy Scarf Enjoy! ps:Continue reading “In search of Squiddy”