Just Peachy Baby Hat

Loom Knit Just Peachy Baby Hat
Just Peachy Baby Hat with Video Tutorial

Last year, I shared the “Just Peachy Baby Hat” but at the time, due to grad school, I didn’t have time to create any tutorials for it. I finally had a chance to sit down and create one. I hope you find it useful.

LOOM: Baby Knit Loom (HAT LOOM) by KB Looms (56 peg small gauge)

YARN:  Approx 35g of worsted weight merino wool yarn. Red Heart Chic Sheep in Mai Tai was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  knitting tool, tapestry needle, cable needle

GAUGE: 11 sts x 16 rows=2 inches

SIZE: Hat fits 0-3months


K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch



LC: Cable over 2 stitches, crosses left (see instructions below)


Cast on 56 sts, join to work in the rnd.

Rnd 1-6: *k2, p2; rep from * to end.

Rnd 7-9: *k2, p2; rep from * to end.

Rnd 10: *LC, p2; rep from * to end.

Rep Rnd 7-10 until item measures approx. 5.5 inches from cast on edge.

Next 6 rnds: *k2, p2; rep from * to end.

Remove item with modified gather bind off method (see below for this instructions).  Weave all end in. Block lightly.

Left Cross (LC) Instructions

Step 1: Take working yarn behind peg 1 (you are skipping peg 1).

Step 2: Knit peg 2 and place stitch on cable needle and hold it to the center of the loom.

Step 3: Move stitch from peg 1 to peg 2 (leaving peg 1 empty).

Step 4: Place stitch from cable needle on peg 1.

Step 5: Knit peg 2.

Modified Gather Bind Off Method

Cut 2 pieces of yarn that are approximately 20-24 inches long.

Thread tapestry needle with one of the pieces of yarn. Remove all the purl stitches onto the piece of yarn.

Thread the second piece of yarn and remove all the knit stitches from the loom.

Locate the first piece of yarn and cinch the purl stitches tightly close.

Locate the second piece of scrap yarn and cinch it all the knit stitches.

Tightly weave all tail ends to the wrong side of the hat.

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