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LoomKnit.com is a place to share my latest creations. The patterns and videos on this website are free to use. You can create items to sell from my patterns or videos. I do ask to please do not copy and sell the pattern. My goal is to increase the number of patterns and tutorials available for the loom knitting community.

My expertise in loom knitting has been learned over a lifetime, although I demonstrate certain methods, please know that there are different ways of achieving the same results–my method is not, by any means, the only way to do it.  I love to knit with 2 needles, with a loom, and I love to crochet! Besides crafting, my favorite way to spend my time off is running.

This website does not sell any products, everything that is created and shared is free of charge. I don’t typically create items with lots of videos or create videos.

Want to learn more about stitches and knitting? I highly recommend the Treasury of Knitting Patterns Books by Barbara Walker. Also, any of the stitch dictionaries by Wendy Barnard. And, of course, any stitch dictionary out there. The more you learn about stitches, the easier they become and the more comfortable you become in reading patterns.

*The blog/website may run ads on the sidebars.* If you are interested in placing an AD that is related to loom knitting (knitting looms, yarn, knitting loom gadgets), please contact me.

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  1. I would like to make a double-knit stockinette blanket with two different color sides (pink and blue). I cannot find anything online, I may be asking the wrong question. Do you have any suggestion where I could look? I have made a double stockinette blanket, l have the in one original and


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