Loom Knit Textured Tie

Talk about being behind on projects! I have had this recorded for a bit but I couldn’t find the time to do the editing (the part that takes forever!). Here we go, hope you enjoy it. I am, at this very moment, traveling to go on vacation for a few days and I promised myselfContinue reading “Loom Knit Textured Tie”

Loom Knit Windsor Tie

Loom knit tie with this video tutorial

Riverdale Beanie

Loom knitting free beanie pattern with video

Ode to Spring Shawl Pattern

I don’t knit very many shawls, perhaps it is due to the time that they take to knit, but they are one of the most favorite items to wear. I only have a couple of them and each one is dear to me. Recently, I created the Ode to Spring Shawl pattern for distribution atContinue reading “Ode to Spring Shawl Pattern”

Messy Bun Hat Video

Hi friends, It has been awhile since I last created a video, but some of you (about 50 requests in less than one day) were requesting a video showing how to do the Messy Bun Hat. I apologize for the small screen. I only have my phone to take video. I hope the video helpsContinue reading “Messy Bun Hat Video”

Got Ruffles?

Quick and super easy. 1 skein of yarn and about 2-3 hours of knitting time. We are talking simple garter stitch. Definitely a project that you can watch tv and not get all confused…unless you grab the wrong strand. Don't knit with needles? No worries, I've got you covered!   I put together a aContinue reading “Got Ruffles?”