Earflap Hat Calculator

I found this spreadsheet on creating earflap hats on the loom. It has a basic formula where you plug in numbers to create an earflap hat.

The file also has some of the most popular hat numbers in the loom knitting industry along with the earflap width, front gap and back gap.


Formula to Loom Knit Earflap Hats


Don’t feel like doing the math? No worries. Enter your own number and let the generator provide you with the numbers you need.



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6 thoughts on “Earflap Hat Calculator

  1. i wanna say that pattern is in her cable knitting book. I have always admired it- but i have tried ear flaps twice and both times it bombed bad. Oh and her cable knitting book is awesome- it is my bible for doing cable on a loom.


  2. That is the exact hat I’ve been trying to master. I just can’t get cables down but I will not give up. I simply knit tight and I can’t stop myself.
    Thank you for the chart!


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