Brimmed Beanie Redo!

Brimmed beanie
I love when I can find a use for my old patterns. Here is another one of my favorites that you can do on the new KB Chunky Premium looms. The Brimmed Beanie uses some of my ultimate favorite yarn, Malabrigo Rasta. Malabrigo Rasta is chunky and luscious! You want to grab it by the handfuls and just sleep on it!

New re-worked pattern to work on the new Premium Chunky Round Looms.  Grab your copy or save it to your Ravelry.

If you have the old KK, looms, you may want to grab the old patterns–this is a link to my Box account where I keep a bunch of my old patterns. Link to the original Brimmed Beanie–uses the 41 peg KK loom. 



Published by Isela Phelps

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