56 Peg Sock Loom Heel

56 Peg Sock Loom Short-row Heel over 28 stitches Knit from peg 1-27. W&T peg 28.Knit from peg 27-2. W&T peg 1.Knit from peg 2-26. W&T peg 27.Knit from peg 26-3. W&T peg 2.Knit from peg 3-25. W&T peg 26.Knit from peg 25-4. W&T peg 3.Knit from peg 4-24. W&T peg 25.Knit from peg 24-5.Continue reading “56 Peg Sock Loom Heel”

Zippy Master Set Winner

Our contest winner is!!!! Steph, please contact me privately at purlingspriteATgmailDOTcom with your shipping information and I can get this to you as soon as possible.    Thank you to all of you for participating! Stop by KBLooms.com today, they are having a sale in all of their knitting looms!   

Ballerina Baby Socks

Click on the image to be taken to the pattern.  Contest time for the bloggy! Knit a pair of the Ballerina Baby Socks and be entered to win one of my loom knitting books (I'll grab one from the stack and I'll send you one, it could be any of the various publications). Ship withinContinue reading “Ballerina Baby Socks”


Welcome! If you have landed on this page, chances are that you are looking for more stitches to try on your knitting looms. You are in luck! We are building a small library of stitches at the moment and coming soon (2016), you will have a book on your hands that will have these andContinue reading “Stitches”

Compilation of the Loom Knitting Circle Magazine

All the issues, one single PDF file. Check it out at http://www.lkcmag.com


I am sorry. The item that you are trying to purchase is completely sold out. Thank you for your interest in our products. Happy loom knitting! 

Loom Knitting Books

  Purchased your own copy of Loom Knitting Primer, a best seller in the loom knitting industry.  Optional-autographed copies. Please include a note in the payment if you would like your copy autographed.  Returns: No returns accepted. All sales are final.  Price includes shipping within the US.  $15.00   ==================================================================   Loom Knitting for BabiesContinue reading “Loom Knitting Books”

Ballband Dishcloth

This pattern has been recovered from my Purlingsprite blog, at this link.  An oldie pattern that I had buried. I did it about 4 years ago and in changing websites it got lost in the shuffle. I hope you enjoy it! I did mine on a fine gauge knitting loom, the adult fine gauge hatContinue reading “Ballband Dishcloth”

Urban Cowl

Happy Holidays