Answers to these questions, will be posted shortly, if you would like to add your own question to the list, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list. Thank you!

  • What direction should I wrap my loom?
  • How do I work with 2 strands of yarn at once?
  • How do I make a hat brim?
  • I get a vertical ladder when I work on my hats, how do I eliminate it?
  • My fabric shows a twist, how do I prevent that?
  • How do I prevent my scarf/blanket from curling?
  • Do I really need to learn the purl stitch?
  • What is the pearl stitch?
  • How long should my hat be?
  • How long should my scarf be?
  • Where can I find measurements for other garments?
  • What is a knitting board?
  • Does knitting on a knitting board take more yarn?
  • Can I skip working a swatch?
  • How do I measure my swatch?
  • What is gauge?
  • Do I need to have the same gauge measurements as the designer describes on the pattern?
  • The design doesn’t tell me what cast on to use, what should I do?
  • How do I count stitches and rows?
  • My knitting gets tighter and tighter after a few rows, how do I stop this from happening?
  • There are so many versions of the same stitch, how do I know which one to use?
  • I dropped a stitch, how do I pick it up?
  • How do I add a new skein?
  • What is waste yarn?
  • Knots in my yarn, what should I do?
  • How much yarn should I buy for my project?
  • What is a slipped stitch?
  • When should I slip the first stitch of every row?
  • Should I knit the first stitch of the row?
  • What are salvage stitches?
  • What is a yarn over?
  • My bind off is always too tight, how do I fix this?
  • How do I weave in the tail ends?

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23 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. The 24 peg loom from the Knifty knitters produces a hat for a doll.
    If you want to make a hat for an adult, you need to use the largest
    loom, the yellow one.
    Isela Phelps

  2. Hello,
    I am looking for the tutorial on I-cord… I am trying to finish up arellis bracelet… Can U please advise???

  3. Oh bummer!! I was so disappointed when I realized there aren’t answers to these questions!!! I’m really looking to improve the quality and functionality of my products. Do you have a book to recommend?

  4. I have the Knifty Knitter blue round loom, and I know I can use it to make newborn size hats, but I was wondering which loom I could use to make toddler size hats? I am aware of the red round loom to be used for children, but I didn’t know if that was too big for toddlers. Thank you 🙂

  5. If you haven’t found an answer yet…
    It has been a while since I made them, but I made hats for three year-old’s and a five year-old on the red (next from smallest) loom. I am about to use same loom for my two year-old. the width is fine, I just adjust the length of the hat to accommodate different crown sizes….I think I made the hat 6 inches long for the 3 year old’s (fits my 2 year old, too). You can try measuring from about the eyebrow up to the top center of the crown to get an idea of how long you should knit it 🙂

  6. Hello, I’m making a long two colored scarf (lavender and green) on the meduim loom of Knifty Knitter. There are four looms: s (baby), m, l, xl. I ran out of lavender yarn, so I found other purple yarn and decided to add to each of the ends. This means I have to go back to my original lavender block and add a green and purple. I have already knitted them and now I’m trying to figure out how to attach them. I knew it would be a problem, but it’s what I decided to try. I’ve tried one option but it didn’t work. I put the first lavender loops on the loom and tried to pull the last of the green loops over. Well, they went over, but of course they wouldn’t stay!! 🙂 I was at least to put a string through both sets of loops so I wouldn’t lose anything. Right now I have a string through the green loops. So, any ideas what I should do. If you want a picture I can send you one. My next thought is that I may have to take out the last green row and make the row again by some how sewing up through the first lavender row………Yikes!!! I’m new at all this. I made a bad hat and scarf three years ago when my husband made a good hat. I’ve made a good hat and the start of a scarf. And, I’ve made another good hat and now this scarf. I guess it’s good to always plan and have as much yarn as you need for your project, BUT, I guess it’s also good to know how to make these adjustments if it can be done. I’ll look more on here and look in your book. We just have the sock book. Help me if you can and let me know what’s possible. Thanks!! 🙂

  7. a few typos in my comment, Sorry!! One sentence should be “I was at least to put a string through both sets of loops………….”
    Hope all else makes sense. Thanks! The colors are dark green and lavender so it reminds me of something from Benetton from back in the 80’s when I was in hs and college. 🙂

  8. I’m going to try to make the Waves Shrug in your Loom Knitting Primer book. It talks about M1= Make 1. When I look at the directions it looks like the M1 are at the end so you can move the last stitch over one, but the shrug directions have me k2, m1, k1, p2, *k2, p2; rep from * to last 2 sts, m1, p2. I started with a 52 st cast on so does this mean I move all 52 stitches over 1 to make the first m1 and then move the last 2 stitches over one more to make the last m1? Please help.

  9. I am very new to loom knitting and I love it. I recently bought Loom Knitting Primer. I am not able to find the Decor Accent loom you suggest to use in the book, I do have knifty knitter rounds. What do you suggest for the patterns that call for the decor accents looms?

  10. I am knitting the hat from your beginner’s guide knitting on a loom on page 38. I have done brim & body of the hat, but I am stuck on the crown of the hat, I don’t understand the decrease of the crown, I did move every 3rd sts, but I got 13 empty pegs, what do you do next I don’t get I have 28 sts. Please HELP. As I am new to this.

  11. I don’t have the All-in-one knitting board…yet!! Can the Last Minute Slouchy Hat be made on a Knifty Knitter Loom and if so, which one? I will be making an adult sized hat. The KK loom with 41 pegs is the largest one I have. thanks!!

  12. I am looking for a loom knit pattern for a headscarf. Something narrow that buttons or something like a scarflet. This is for a 13 year old school friend of my son’s who was in a auto accident. She now has a broken neck. Her head was shaved to apply a halo neck brace. I would like to find a pattern and make her several. Thank you, Kellie Goulet

  13. I am trying to make the blue slouchy hat on the cover of the new AIO book. I am stuck on row 9. i get how to make an increase at the beginning and ending of the row but don’t know how to do K3, M1L repeat across the row to add 20 more stitches to the brim. please explain these instructions to me and also it looks like there are no finishing instructions or anything after the 6th row of the body. or am i reading all of this wrong somehow?

  14. I made a hat on the loom, it has curled up at the end. I didn’t see the how to video.I did not fold it back up to form the brim. Is it too late. What can I do.please help,I have already made 2 hats.please help.

  15. Hej Misses Phelps,
    like Merle, she wrote in May 2012, I’m stuck at the crown of the Beginner Knit Hat from your Beginner’s Guide to Knitting on a Loom.
    I read all of the page a few times. I guess, while saying one can use the 41 pegs Knifty Knitter for adults and the 36 pegs KK for infants, you just explained the pattern for the infant hat.
    Please, can you post the missing directions for the Crown of the Beginner Knit Hat worked on a 41 pegs loom?
    My motivation is a bitch. Being proud of “hey, I can already knit”, she will leave me head over heels, when I can’t finish this project. I wont have spent the money for knitting looms and your book in vain.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  16. I am knitting on an infinity loom. It was going well until the 8th row. Now I am finding the stitches are very tight when I am lifting the lower stitch off. How can I correct this problem?

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