Snowflakes Hat

Snowflakes hat

The Snowflake Hat uses color-stranded knitting techniques. The motif is a classic Snowflake fair-isle pattern.

The motif is a 20 stitch pattern repeat, for this reason, the knitting loom used must have a peg multiple of 20.

The sample was knitted on a Regular Gauge adult hat knitting loom, however, the stitch pattern can be knitted on any knitting loom that has the necessary peg multiple.

Choose a smaller gauge, such as fine gauge or extra fine gauge for the stitch pattern to show off at its best.

Pattern Information


Knitting Loom: Any with a peg multiple of 20. Recommend to knit this design on a small or fine gauge knitting loom.

Yarn: 215 yards of Main Color, 60 yards of contrasting color. Ultra Alpaca yarn was used in sample.

Skills knowledge: Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Gather Bind Off, Colourwork

Level: Intermediate

Price: $1.99

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