Another Oldie–Mock Cable Hat

I guess most of my patterns from 2005 are hidden in my pattern files somewhere in my old computers. My Boyo was little and he was always my little model and victim to my knitted items. Hope you enjoy this one. If I ever get a chance, I would love to redo this one with a lighter color yarn. I remember that I redid this one for my little girl in a lighter color but I can't find the picture.

Mock Cable Hat

Here is another hat that came about from the same design stages, my litle girl is modeling it…they were so little my two little ones. I can't find the pattern for the beige one but I think I can write it out from the picture.

  Nyah little


Download Mock Cable Hat


Happy Looming!!!


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5 thoughts on “Another Oldie–Mock Cable Hat

  1. They look so beautiful both!!! Te los quieres comer a besos. Life goes by so fast!!! On Gabriela’s 20th birthday I can remember writing her a letter which started: How 20 years went by only on a day. (Como pasaron veinte anios en un dia) And now she has her little one who is one and a half years.
    Hugs to you four.


  2. Almost done with the one mock cable. For the one with your daughter I see how to do the brim but can’t tell if the hat is all e-wrap knit or if there is some purls in there. Thanks, I’m trying to do a few different hats for family and these came at the perfect time!


  3. Benjamin Werth!
    The baby was expected in September, and the couple is having huge problems because they didn’t “do the deed” to match up with a baby in December!
    Uh oh!
    I don’t think anyone’s shocked.


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