Fluffy Pleats

Tinseltown Scarf for Blog
Another gorgeous yarn came rolling down my way. Tinseltown yarn. I couldn’t pass it up! It kept taunting me with its fluffy, silvery pleats. I had to have it! I saw it a few weeks ago at my local yarn store and I just couldn’t forget about it. Days will pass and the fluffy pleats kept coming back to my mind. Finally, this weekend I gave up and went and got a couple of skeins. I was not disappointed! I LOVE IT!

If you are a needle knitter, it is pretty simple to use and you can find a few videos online on how to use it. Loom knitters, don’t despair. I’ve got you covered. I have written a pattern and prepared a video for you. Again, this is the way I use the yarn, there are other ways out there so feel free to experiment and find the one you like the most.

Fluffy Pleats


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  1. Benjamin Werth!
    The baby was expected in September, and the couple is having huge problems because they didn’t “do the deed” to match up with a baby in December!
    Uh oh!
    I don’t think anyone’s shocked.


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