After I posted the posts about the k2tog and the k3tog, which were not new but they were buried in the files with the patterns. Anyways, after posting those to tutorials, someone asked about a k2togtbl and what it meant.

Okay, a k2togtbl simply stands for a knit two stitches together (k2tog) through the back loop (tbl). In needle knitting, it means that you have to a decrease, similar to the k2tog. The only difference is that you have to knit the two stitches together through the back loops of the stitches. Knitting them through the back loops creates a Twisted Knit Stitch.

In loom knitting, we don't have to worry about the back loops or front loops since our stitches always sit facing the front with both legs of the stitch facing the front. To create a Twisted Knit Stitch in loom knitting, we e-wrap the peg and knit it with the single stitch. Thefore, to create the k2togtbl, in loom knitting, you will move the stitch from the first peg over to the second peg, then you will ewrap the 2nd peg. Second peg now has three loops on it. Next, you will lift the bottommost two loops up and off the peg. Ta-da!!! The k2togtbl has been created! 🙂



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