Loom Knit: Picot Edge

I have added a new video to the techniques playlist. After working on my last cowl & hat set, I realized that I have never shared the picot edge by itself. I have demonstrated it as part of the project, but never by itself. A picot edge provides a nice decorative edge to a knittedContinue reading “Loom Knit: Picot Edge”

Loom Knit: Creating Clean Garter Stitch Edges

Garter Stitch: Created by working one knit row, followed by one purl row. The ridge created by these two rows is known as a Garter Stitch Ridge. The sample shown was worked completely in garter stitch. To create the clean edges on the right and left side of the work, I always slip (skip) theContinue reading “Loom Knit: Creating Clean Garter Stitch Edges”

Loom Knit I-Cords

The following instructions came from one of my early tutorial files that were located in my original blog. You can find the file at this link. I-cords are a great way to embellish your knitted items. I-cords can be used around necklines, hems, and around any flat item to add a little touch. My favoriteContinue reading “Loom Knit I-Cords”

Non-Loopy Ewrap Cast On

In my constant search for a nice and clean edge for my loom knit items, I have found a few ways to create the cast on. The one I demonstrate in this video is one of my favorites and it has become my go-to for all my items. It is done quite a bit likeContinue reading “Non-Loopy Ewrap Cast On”

Bind offs for the Messy Bun Hat

Here are three videos demonstrating different bind offs for the loom knitted Messy Bun Hats  Elastic Bind Off Basic Bind Off Crochet Bind Off

Learn to Loom Knit Cables Tutorial

This tutorial was for sale. I am making it available free of charge. Please grab a copy.   


After I posted the posts about the k2tog and the k3tog, which were not new but they were buried in the files with the patterns. Anyways, after posting those to tutorials, someone asked about a k2togtbl and what it meant. Okay, a k2togtbl simply stands for a knit two stitches together (k2tog) through the backContinue reading “k2togtbl”

Decreasing: k2tog and ssk

When you decrease, you are removing stitches from your knitting, making that area narrower. The most common decrease is known as the k2tog (knit two stitches together). The k2tog creates a decrease that slants to the right. How does it need to look: When you do a k2tog, you need the second stitch to stayContinue reading “Decreasing: k2tog and ssk”