Zippy Corners Unveiled!

Zippy Corners

The much awaited moment has finally arrived! It has been months in the making and designing of these corners. Coming up with different ideas that would fit and perform as desired.  Was very lucky to be one of the team members who helped designed aka dream these corners. I have enjoyed playing with them over the past couple of months. 

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Zippy with Corners

Why use corners?

It allows us to make circular items in super bulky gauge, such as the in vogue-bulky knits that are hitting the runway right now. 

It allows to create larger panels without having a 5 foot long knitting loom–dreaming up chunky blankets! 

The Dream: 

Being part of the designing team allowed me to give input on the ease of assembly. I wanted an item that I could assemble easily, without having to wrestle the knitting loom down on the ground to fit the pieces together. I also wanted to have markers that will allow me to clearly "see" how I needed to assemble them. I also imagined a corner that was sturdy enough that will hold its own, meaning, a piece that won't break by being only "1" peg. 

The Assembly: 

Assembling the Zippy loom with corners has never been so simple! The corners are sturdy enough to maneuver without worrying about breaking, yet light weight to keep the knitting loom still a comfortable weight. Assembling is truly a matter of sliding and hearing it "pop" into place. Removing it is also that simple, slide it out of the groove the opposite way that it went in. 

Corner Projects

You can purchase your very own set of corners now at! Grab a set and let me know what you make with your circular Zippy! 

And because I cannot tell you about a new loom without a pattern, here are two quick and easy patterns to try out on your new Zippy Corners! Slipped Purl Cowl & Chills Away Cowl.


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