Zippy Lapghan

Wrap yourself in a cloud of softness during those cold fall evenings with this luxurious lapghan. Knitting loom: Zippy Master Set (used 4 sides, and 4 corners with pegs) Yarn: 605 yds of Super Bulky (#7) yarn. Lion Brand Color Clouds – Alchemists Aqua was used in sample (11 skeins). Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, scissors, size QContinue reading “Zippy Lapghan”

Zippy Master Kit Reveal

Feeling very lucky in being one of the first few to have received a complimentary set of the Zippy Master set. Receiving this kit allowed me to try it out and think about the wonderful possibilities of having a kit with all the pieces that I need to create tubular items, in a couple ofContinue reading “Zippy Master Kit Reveal”

Zippy Corners Unveiled!

The much awaited moment has finally arrived! It has been months in the making and designing of these corners. Coming up with different ideas that would fit and perform as desired.  Was very lucky to be one of the team members who helped designed aka dream these corners. I have enjoyed playing with them overContinue reading “Zippy Corners Unveiled!”

Zippy Slipped Scarf

  The Zippy Slipped Scarf sports a fun stitch pattern that gives the scarf a double thick feel for extra warmth.    Knitting loom: Zippy loom (4 zippy looms).   Yarn: 98 yards of super bulky weight yarn. Sample used Loops & Threads Ziggy.   Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.    Size: approx 11 xContinue reading “Zippy Slipped Scarf”

Zippy Faux Möbius Scarf

The zippy faux möbius scarf is very simple and fast to knit. Worked completely in garter stitch and then a simple twist creates a unique scarf.  What is a möbius strip? It is a one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed, rotating the opposite end through 180 degrees, and joining it to the firstContinue reading “Zippy Faux Möbius Scarf”

Zippy Necklace

Create a lovely necklace in less than 1 hour using your Zippy loom!  Worked with beaded cord to create a unique and gorgeous necklace.   Materials Knitting loom: Zippy loom. Yarn: Approx 4 yards of beaded cord. Sample used 2 spools of cord-beaded ribbon by Simplicity. Notions: knitting tool.  Other: 2 cord end camps, 1Continue reading “Zippy Necklace”

Zippy Iva Headband

The Zippy Iva Headband is modeled after the double knit Iva Headband, modeled after it, it splits in the middle to create the accent at the forehead. Worked on the Zippy loom with super bulky yarn in less than 30 minutes!  Knitting loom: Zippy loom (2 Zippy looms, connected together).  Yarn:  Approx 20 yds of superContinue reading “Zippy Iva Headband”

Zippy Zoom Bag

Let’s get Zipping! Create this darling bag in less than 1 hour! Super bulky yarn and the new Zippy loom will have you creating in no-time at all!  Knitting loom: Zippy loom (3 Zippy looms, connected together). Yarn: 84 yards of Super Bulky acrylic yarn . Sample used Loops & Threads Opus (1 skein inContinue reading “Zippy Zoom Bag”