Non-Loopy Ewrap Cast On

Non-Loopy ewrap

In my constant search for a nice and clean edge for my loom knit items, I have found a few ways to create the cast on. The one I demonstrate in this video is one of my favorites and it has become my go-to for all my items. It is done quite a bit like the regular ewrap cast on, except you skip every other peg. Once you have gone around the loom, ewrapping every other peg, you will get to the next round and you will

Step 1: knit the first peg

Step 2: pick up the ladder coming behind the next peg, twist it and place it on the empty peg

Step 3: knit the peg from #2 (above)

Repeat all the way around Steps 1-3.

Here is a video demonstrating the steps. Please let me know in the comments (below) your thoughts after you have tried it out.

You can try this new cast on out with the newly released Borealis Hat.

Pattern details:

LOOM:  56 peg Baby Knit Loom (Mint color hat loom) by KB Looms (80 peg Premium Hat loom (orange color hat loom).

YARN:  Approx 65 (105) yds of worsted weight wool yarn. Red Heart Chic Sheep in Vineyard was used in sample (100% wool, 3.5oz/100g; 186yds/170m).

NOTE: 2 sizes provided, baby and adult.

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