Rowan Handbag

Rowan Handbag (1)


Yarn: Approx 270 yards of bulky weight wool. Iceland Wool in Celadon color by Crystal Palace was used in sample.

Knitting Loom: Any Large Gauge Loom with a minimum of 46 Pegs.

Notions: Row Counter, Crochet Hook, Tapestry Needle.


  • Before felting:  base 10.5” wide x 5” deep ( 12” High)
  • After felting: 11”(bottom width) x 3.5”(bottom depth) x 8” (high) top tapers to 9” wide
  • The strap is knit flat with garter stitch. 20” in length.

The bag is knitted flat (see schematic). A How To’s page is included for your convenience.

Basic knowledge of loom knitting is required.

SS= Single Stitch (using the ewrap stitch)
P= Purl stitch
BO= Bind Off/Cast Off
St(s)= stitch(es)

**This pattern was originally released in 2005. It is available via Ravelry download our through this blog.


Cast on 38 stitches.
Rows 1-9: Work in SS.
Row 10: Increase one stitch at each end, increasing by 2 pegs (e-wrap the empty peg)
Repeat Rows 1-10: until you have 46sts total on the loom.
Next: Work 10 rows in SS. (50 rows total).

Next: BO 8 stitches at beginning of next row, knit to end in SS. (38sts remain).
Next: BO 8 stitches at beginning of next row, knit to the end in SS. (30sts remain).

*Next row: SS.
Next row: P to end of row. *

Repeat from * to * 15 more times. (16 garter stitch ridges, 32 rows).

Next row: Cast on 8 stitches at beginning of next row, work in SS to end of row. (38sts on loom).

Next row: Cast On 8sts at beginning of next row, work in SS to end of row. (46sts on loom).

**Next: Work 9 rows in SS.
Next row: Decrease one stitch at each end and work the row in SS (bring the stitch from the outer peg and place it on the adjacent peg, treat both loops on the peg as 1).**

Repeat from ** to ** 4 times.

Next: Work 10 rows in SS. (38sts remain on loom).



Arrange your bag so that both right sides are facing each other. Seam the sides closed. On the bottom, you will be forming the base by seaming the tips of the body of the bag down to meet in the short side of the base. Weave in all your yarn ends into the wrong side off the bag.
Turn your bag right side out. It should look like the picture below.


Cast on 8 pegs. Loom knit in garter stitch a 20” long handle. Remove with flat removal method.


Seam it to the sides of the bag. Make sure it is seamed straight.
Tips to make the handle stronger: sew a ribbon to the inside of the handle when it is felted. Make a tube and insert bias tape prior to felting.


Time to Felt It!

Felting Instructions

Items needed to felt:

  • Zippered Pillow Case
  • Eucalan Woolwash* (recommended) or Shampoo
  • Top-loader washer

Caution! Turn the washer machine off before reaching into it.

Set the washer to the smallest setting, regular cycle, and hot water. Add one tablespoon of Eucalan woolwash or 1 TBLS of Shampoo. However, using the Eucalan will save you the rinsing of the item by hand and it makes the item smell better-wet wool does not smell too nice.

Place the items to be felted in the zippered pillowcase. Close it. Throw it in the washer. Put in the two pairs of jeans to aid in agitation. I do not recommend putting towels in, as these may leave fuzz in your felted items. Start the washer.
Check the felted items frequently. Stop the machine completely before placing your hand inside. If additional felting is required, reset the washer and continue felting the bag. Check the progress closely, and shape your bag as the felting process continues by pulling at the corners, and shaping the strap. Item is felted, when it feels firm and the stitches are indistinguishable. Keep felting the bag until you are completely satisfied. It may take a few cycles. Do not let the machine go into the rinse and spin cycle, as this will create creases in the bag that are very difficult to remove.

When the item reaches the desired look, remove it from the zippered pillow case, place it between towels and squeeze out as much water as you can. Shape the bag again and follow blocking instructions.

Blocking—the Finishing Touches

Stretch your damp bag over a suitable sized form. If nothing that resembles the shape is available, use a plastic bag and place plastic bags inside to give it its form. The felted item should fit over the fitted form snuggly. Shape all the corners, and strap, you may have to tug on the strap so it lines up. Make sure that everything looks the way you want it to look. Feel free to pull at it. Do not let it dry until you are completely satisfied with the way it looks. Once it looks the way you desire. Let it air dry completely, it may take up to 2 full days to dry. Keep shaping it during the drying process if you so desire.

Basic Loom Knitting How to’s

Garter Stitch: Created by knitting one row of e-wrap, one row of purl stitch. These 2 rows =1 stitch of garter stitch.

Flat Knitting: Wrap each peg until you get to the last peg you need to wrap. Wrap the last peg twice wrap back to the first peg. Knit over. In this bag, you will knit on 30 pegs. You can also view a mini-movie of knitting a flat piece at

Flat or Basic Removal Method: (the one used in the Rowan Bag flat-knit version): You will need a crochet hook. Remove loop from the first peg with a crochet hook, crochet 1 chain, and pass it through the back stitch. Remove loop from the next peg, and pass it through the back stitch on the crochet hook. Continue until all loops are removed from the pegs.

Decrease Stitches: To decrease stitches on a flat piece, you need to move the loop from the very last outside peg, and place it on the peg adjacent to it. Wrap your loom as usual.

Increase Stitches (an alternate method to the e-wrap method in the pattern): To increase stitches on a flat piece, you need to move the loop on the very last peg, to the empty peg right next to it. You have now one empty peg. Lift a stitch from the bottom V stitch. Place it on the empty peg. Wrap your loom making sure that all the pegs have 2 strands on them.



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