Popsicle Cozy

Summer is here and popsicles abound! Keep your little one’s hands from getting cold while holding the popsicle with a little popsicle cozy/sleeve. The cozy knits up super fast, and you can use all those odds and ends of yarn that you may have in the stash. 

LOOM:  Flexee Skinny, 6 links (12 pegs).

YARN:  Approx 3 grams of worsted weight yarn. Samples used odds and ends of various worsted weight yarns.

NOTIONS:  knitting tool, tapestry needle, scissors.

GAUGE: 10 sts x 15 rows = 2” in stockinette blocked.

SIZE: Sample fits a 1-inch wide popsicle.


K=knit stitch (may use the true knit stitch or the u-stitch)

P=purl stitch






Connect 6 links, join to work in the rnd.

Cast on 12 sts, join to work in the rnd.

Rnd 1, 3, 5: knit to end of rnd.

Rnd 2, 4, 6: purl to end of rnd.

Rnd 7: *k to end of rnd.

Repeat Rnd 7: 19 more times, or until the little sleeve measures approx. 2.5 inches from cast-on edge.

Bind off with the gather bind off method. Weave in all ends.

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