Loom Knit: Picot Edge

I have added a new video to the techniques playlist. After working on my last cowl & hat set, I realized that I have never shared the picot edge by itself. I have demonstrated it as part of the project, but never by itself.

A picot edge provides a nice decorative edge to a knitted garment. It is frequently used on hat brims, sock cuffs, mitten cuffs, edge of sleeves, and even around necklines.

Layout of 3 knitted items with picot edging. Watermelon socks. Sample toy hat. Hat & cowl.

The video demonstrates how to create a picot edge on a knitting loom.

The knitting loom shown is the Flexee Links Chunky by KB Looms.

How to:

1. Cast on an even number of stitches.

2. Work in stockinette (any desired knit stitch you would like to use). Work the number of rounds that you desire the cuff/brim to be.

3. Work the picot round (Round 11 of sample video).

4. Work in stockinette the same number of rounds as you did prior to the Picot Round.

5. Pick up the stitches from the cast on round, place them on the pegs. Then knit one entire round.

Continue working your pattern as normal.

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