Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern


DropStitchScarfSimple and fast! It can be done in just a few hours!


  • Knitting loom with at least 16 pegs
  • 82 yards of ribbon style yarn
  • Knitting tool

Skills knowledge: knit stitch, purl stitch, yarn over, knitting a flat panel

Download your Drop Stitch Scarf pattern!

New: Added a how-to video on doing the Drop Stitch. Note–pattern only demonstrates the stitch pattern, not the entire project.



38 thoughts

  1. What a beautiful scarf thank you for sharing this with us newbies and fellow veterans it will be the 1st project I do on my kk long looms!

  2. The scarf is gorgeous. I am new to knifty knitters and so look forward to, someday, being practiced enough to attempt this project. Thank you.

  3. Isela You are so generous to us! Thanks for sharing this pattern. I’m going to hand it over to our long loom teacher to master and then teach to the ladies at Hearts and Hands. The will love it!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pattern, Isela! I look forward to looming it.
    I’ve never used ribbon yarn before but am interested in trying it out.
    I am also re-signing up for your mailing list, so I don’t miss out on any news from you.
    Corinne in CA

  5. Beautiful Isela! As always! I love the color you used! Have to go out and search for some of this yarn! LOL
    Thanx for another beauty!

  6. Beautiful pattern. Thank you so much. I like the colors you used, too. I have never used the ribbon yarn.

  7. This is so pretty, I would love to make one like it but I am a real beginner. Would this be too hard for me to attempt? I really love your talent.
    Thanks, Sheila

  8. I can’t believe I just found this FB site! Love the scarf and can’t wait to try it!

  9. This is an awesome scarf – can’t wait to did in Easter weekend and give it a try! ~Mrh

  10. This scarf is so beautiful. I’m new to knitting, and have yet to use my loom. This looks like a wonderful first project for me. I can crochet, but can’t hand knit. Go figure.

  11. This scarf is really pretty! I will make it for my best friend in NY to use it for work or with a nice pair of jeans!

  12. Thank you for giving us free patterns; us new loom knitters REALLY appreciate your work. It looks like a great scarf now that the warmer weather is here.
    One question, what is considered ribbon yarn?
    And thanks for letting us know to sign up again for email updates. Sincerely, Pat Aiello

  13. So Pretty!!!!
    Can’t wait to get looming again…well I have to wait, Doc’s orders. Lots of muscle rest. Doc calls them spasms, I call it poor posture while looming.
    I snagged the pattern and have looked through some of my ribbon yarns. Now to shop for a new chair so my back and shoulders are supported correctly.
    Any links for proper body mechanics while looming LOL. I also re joined the list. Hope all computer problems are a thing of the past

  14. Thank you Isela! I may try this today. I was given a lot of this yarn a few months back. I did not know what to do with it. Might even take it to knitters club tonight.

  15. Thank you, Isela for another wonderful pattern! Beautiful scarf done in beautiful yarn! Interesting stitch and I appreciate you doing the video to show how the stitch is accomplished!
    Thank you!!

  16. Great looking scarf! I have been wanting to do a scarf but haven’t found one that I wanted to try, until now…
    I’m posting a link to this page (and site) on my blog for my readers, specifically the looming readers, I have gotten a few of them to start loom knitting. The link is here: http://tinyurl.com/yee8c5y

  17. Thank you for the how-to video and the pattern! I just started loom knitting. I didn’t expect ribbon yarn to look that way. Very DIVA!

  18. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I have been looking for this pattern for the past week. When you cast on the 16 stitches do you do the e-wrap method or the crochet cast on. Can you show us a video of how to do this from the beginning and maybe 4 rows to get started because the rest is to repeat rows 1 thru 4 right? I’m just learning and when I tried this the last peg on each end the yarn is very loose it just looks funny. Thanks. Diana

  19. Love the scarf. Would it be suitable to do on a smaller gauge loom, 1/2 inch, for example?

  20. wouldn’t it be easier for you to just knit with needles instead of having to pull the loops off and put them back on the peg. With the needles you would only need ot knit or purl.
    Do you find this to be so or is it easier for you to use the Loom?

  21. What a perfect patters this is what I need in order to develop my skills, I live doing it so I don’t know to apply some specific techniques, I know It’s gonna be really useful for me and my purposes because I know I can take advantage of it.

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