Flower Headband

FlowerheadbandA little something special to add an extra touch to the special outfit!


Knitting Loom: Loom with 10 pegs. Pink & Blue Samples were created on Pink Long Loom by Provo Craft. Purple sample was created on Décor Accents, Extra Fine Gauge Loom

Yarn: 1-2oz of yarn that works with the loom gauge you are using. For ½ gauge looms recommend using at least worsted weight yarn. For extra fine gauge looms, fingering weight or sock weight yarn is recommended.

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Other: Beads or pearls to decorate the center of the flower. Headband of choice.

Size: Depends on yarn weight used. Blue flower measures 5.5 inches in diameter.

Petal Directions

Make 5 petals as follows:

  • Cast on 10 stitches with yarn over cast on
  • Row 1-10: slip 1, knit 9
  • Row 11-18: Slip 1, k2tog, knit to the end of row (9sts rem)
  • Row 19: k2tog
  • Row 20: k
  • Remove item from loom
  • Weave in all ends


Thread tapestry needle with about 2 yards of yarn, take one of the petals by the cast on edge, pinch the two outer edges together thus forming a small pleat in the center of the petal, pass the tapestry needle through. Get the next petal and repeat the process. Repeat until all five petals have been joined together. Secure the five petals together, weave in all the ends.

Bead positioning: thread a regular sewing needle with thread (preferably a color that is the same shade as the yarn). Attach a bead to the center. Blue sample has a pearl size 6mm at its center.

Once the flower is completed, simply sew it onto any headband. I recommend sewing a small piece of elastic to the back of the flower so it can be transferred unto other headbands.

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