Flowerheadband Loom knitting has gained popularity over the past few years. It
provides a way to create knitted fabric without the use of knitting
needles. The dexterity needed for using a knitting loom is minimal,
making them the perfect tool to learn to knit for both children and
adults. Next time you are at your local craft store, pick up a set of
knitting looms and a skein of yarn and take a couple of hours to create
a hand knit heirloom.

The patterns in this website have been
created over a period of time using some of the most popular knitting
looms on the market, such as Provo Craft’s Knifty Knitters and Decor
Accents, Inc. The designs were created by Isela Phelps, author of Loom
Knitting Primer: a Beginner’s Guide to Loom Knitting.

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Happy Looming!

Published by Isela Phelps

Let's knit something!

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