Little Petals Hat

Little Petals a simple lace hat designed with beginner level lace knitting techniques. The hat also introduces you to a new style of a loom knitted brim: the Picot edge brim/cuff. The Picot edge brim gives the hat a feminine whimsical touch. The project is perfect for a first time lace project. I recommend choosing a smaller gauge loom to show the delicate stitch detail.

Lace pattern is charted and each row of the chart is written with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Pattern Information


Knitting Loom: Knitting loom with a peg multiple of 8. A Décor Accents, Child size small gauge knitting loom with 56 pegs was used in sample.

Yarn: 65 yards of heavy worsted wool. Belleza Collection Tesoro was used in sample. Note: You will need more yarn if you are making a bigger hat than the size provided here.

Other: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, 7 stitch/peg markers (or the number the chart will be repeated on your knitting loom)

Skills Knowledge: Single Stitch, Knit stitch.

Level: Intermediate

You will learn: knit 2 together (k2tog), Yarn over (YO)

Size: Pattern is easily adaptable to any knitting loom with a peg multiple of 8.

7” diameter and 6.5 inches depth (from cast on edge to top of hat). Recommended for Babies and Toddlers up to 24 months.

Adapt the pattern to a larger hat by simply knitting more pattern repeats. Be sure to keep in mind the stitch multiple when adapting the pattern.

Price: $2.99

Snowflakes Hat

The Snowflake Hat uses color-stranded knitting techniques. The motif is a classic Snowflake fair-isle pattern.

The motif is a 20 stitch pattern repeat, for this reason, the knitting loom used must have a peg multiple of 20.

The sample was knitted on a Regular Gauge adult hat knitting loom, however, the stitch pattern can be knitted on any knitting loom that has the necessary peg multiple.

Choose a smaller gauge, such as fine gauge or extra fine gauge for the stitch pattern to show off at its best.

Pattern Information


Knitting Loom: Any with a peg multiple of 20. Recommend to knit this design on a small or fine gauge knitting loom.

Yarn: 215 yards of Main Color, 60 yards of contrasting color. Ultra Alpaca yarn was used in sample.

Skills knowledge: Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Gather Bind Off, Colourwork

Level: Intermediate

Price: $1.99

Buttoned Up

The Buttoned Up hat is a simple hat that is made spectacular with a
simply button on one of the sides. The brim/cuff is knit as a flat panel
and then this flat panel is secured with a decorative button. The crown
is worked in flat panels to create a non-bulky top.


Price: $3.99

Hourglass hat


Warm and cozy! The Hourglass hat was created with chunky yarn for a super quick knit. The crossing of stitches creates an interesting hourglass design throughout the hat.

Pattern Information


Loom: 48 peg large gauge loom. Purple Round Knifty Knitter Loom was used in sample. Any other knitting loom with a peg multiple of 8 will work too.

Yarn: 100 yards of Super Bulky Acyrlic-Wool blend; Weight Category 6. Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Raspberry was used in sample. 106yds/97mts (6oz/170g); 80% acrylic, 20% wool.

Size: Fits adults (Circumference of up to 21 inches)

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, cable needle

Skills knowledge: knit stitch, purl stitch.

Price: $1.99

Pretty in Pink

Pattern Information


Knitting Loom: Round knitting loom with a peg multiple of 12 (motif is a multiple of 12sts).

Samples were knitted on:
Sample 1: Fine Gauge with 96 pegs by Décor Accents was used in sample.
Sample 2: Regular Gauge with 60 pegs by Décor Accents was used in sample.  

Yarn: 200 yards of Main Color (MC); 50 yards Contrasting color (CC). Berroco Ultra Alpaca was used in sample.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle, 3 stitch/peg markers (8 stitch/peg markers), optional: row counter

Size: Adult (fits head up to 21 inches in circumference)

Price: $1.99



As I browsed through the decor area of one of my favorite stores, I came upon a beautiful little felted Christmas Tree. I fell in love automatically. The tree was made of out felt material just stitched together and decorated with little bells all around. I went home with the idea of the little felted tree. I am terrible with the sewing machine so I kept the idea in the back burner for a future use. Later as I was doing things around the house, it occurred to me that I could just knit myself a little tree of my own. It wouldn’t be sewn like the one I saw but it would still be a little tree. Off to work I went and thus my little ornament was born.

Pattern Information


Knitting Loom: 15 peg knitting loom with pegs spaced at 1/2″ from center to center. Sample used a baby hat loom from Decor Accents, Inc. May substitute with Long Loom from Provo Craft.

Yarn: Bits of left over wool yarn in both brown and green. Lion Brand Wool in Lemongrass and Cocoa.

•    3 yards of clear elastic bead cord, size .5mm.
•    10 round beads silver plated, size 4mm.
•    Poly-fill to stuff the little tree.
•    Tapestry needle
Size of panels before seaming: 6 inches x 4.5 inches

Price: $1.99

House Decor


Itty Bitty Mitts

Itty Bitty Mitts

Ready for a quick stash-busting project! Try out the Itty Bitty Mitts. You can make a few to deck the halls or you can make just a few and use them as gift card holders. 

Loom: 12 peg large gauge loom. Sample was knit on Flower Loom (Orange loom) by Provo Craft.

Yarn: Approx. 30 yards of bulky weight wool. Sample was knit with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, size G crochet hook

Size: 4″ x 2″ 

Price: $1.50

Baby Bonnet

Reminiscent of vintage baby bonnets, the Sweetheart Baby Bonnet has a delicate lace edge that frames your little ones face. The lace edging has beginner lace techniques that make it a perfect first time lace project.


Knitting Loom: Small Gauge knitting loom with at 50 pegs. Décor Accents Child Size Hat loom was used in sample.

Yarn: 65 yards of worsted weight wool. Patons Merino Wool in That’s Pink Voila’s Rose was used in sample.

Other: Knitting tool, 6 stitch markers (to mark chart repetitions).

Skills set: Knit stitch, purl stitch, yo, k2tog, short-rows, flat panel knitting.

Level: Intermediate

Detailed step-by-step instructions provided.

Size: Newborn-3 month old.

Gauge: 8 sts and 14 rows= 2 inches

Price: 2.99

Little Hearts Hat

Sweet little hearts surround the bottom portion of this hat. Perfect for the new little bundle of joy in the family.

Pattern Information

Knitting Loom: Baby Hat Knitting Loom in Fine Gauge (1/4 inch from center of peg to center of peg). Sample was knit on 64 peg fine gauge knitting loom by Décor Accents, Inc.

Yarn: 60 yards of worsted weight yarn for main color. 30 yards of worsted weight in contrasting color.  Sample was knit with Caron Simply Soft in pink and brown.

Notions: Knitting Tool, tapestry needle, row counter (optional)

Gauge: 10 stitches and 13 rows= 2 inches in stockinette

Size: Fits an infant with a head up to 14 inches in circumference. Depth 6 inches (may make longer by working more rounds)
Skills Knowledge

Single Stitch (e-wrap twice, lift the bottom loop off the peg), Purl Stitch, Knit Stitch

Price: $3.99