The following tutorials have been prepared to help you in your loom knitting journey. Please note that all of this work has taken countless of hours and research. If you need to use this information for a class, a book, a video or something else, please contact me first. 

*Denotes PDF files. 

Rounds & Rakes Tutorials



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  1. dear Mrs. Phelps, will you ever do a tutorial on how to knit lace on a knitting loom. I have your sock knitting book and would like to make the little green socks with the lacy edge but just can’t do it. It calls for a yo and then an ssk but then you would have two loops on the stitch before the ssk because it already has the loop from the previous row.
    greets from Ineke from The Netherlands

  2. Thank you for all the information. I am new to this and am having trouble knitting on a rake loom. I want to make a one sided scarf and am having trouble with understanding turns and what you do at the end of the loom. My loom has extra pegs on the ends. It is a kk
    May I add that I am left-handed so that confuses me even more. Carol

  3. Dear Isela,
    first of all sorry for my english,i’m Rossana an italian girl,who fallen in love with loom knitting!
    I’ve watched al your faboulus tutorial(Thank you so much)and I’d like to ask you a little question: There is a big difference between “e-Wrap” and “chain cast on” at the end of the work?I mean when i watch my work complete?
    Thank you for pay me attention
    With love Rossana

  4. Hello Isela,
    I just viewed you video on increases on a loom now I am looking for one on decreases. I read your instructions, but am a little dense. Need to see it in action for a few stitchs to get the hang of it. Would you be willing to post a video showing how to do decreases? It would help me greatly to see it being done. Thank you for all you do for us newbies!;o)

  5. Removal method for flat panels: crochet 1 chain, crochet 2 chains >>> The page cannot be found > waaaaaaaa

  6. I just received a wonderloom fine sock loom with 60 pegs
    your book on sock looming has patterns with 64 or more stitches. how can I use this loom to make socks for my family do I need to convert some patterns?

  7. Yep, you will need to look at the pattern stitch repeat and find one that works for the size of foot you want to make. For example, if the pattern stitch repeat is 4 and you want to make a sock for an adult (48 pegs) you would set your loom for 48 pegs and then do the stitch pattern over the 48 pegs (4 fits into 48, 12 times).
    Hope this helps.
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  8. I’m searching for instructions on how to increase on a knifty knitter long loom using the clips. I keep getting obvious holes following the instructions that came with them. I’m trying to create a baseball bat, decreasing seemed to work fine, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

  9. Thank you for your free patterns and instructions. I am just getting started and having lots of fun. I especially like your instructions with pictures to follow along with. Your a doll for taking the time to do all this. I am hopeing to make some hats for cancers patients,young and old. Happy knitting, Ruthie

  10. What is double eight and double stockinette. Trying to make aj baby blanket on knittingboardchat.com site and confused with pattern. Can anyone help

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  12. Each person sees things differently, my personal opinion about this article is very good, I think it’s very effective, it helped me a lot, was just what I was looking for, I would like to congratulate the creator of this blog, first to have the kindness to share with readers this information.

  13. hello Isela, Thank you so much for the great tutorials and instructions, they are such a big help. I get on your site daily to figure out new stitches and how to start knitting with my new Authentic knitting board. I have not really made anything with it yet, but I plan to make many small projects to sell at our farmers market next year. I do have a question for you. Is there any way you could do a simple instruction on how to convert regular needle knitting patterns to the loom? I would be so grateful for it as the one that I found was very confusing to me. It would be great to have a video tutorial for it, but that is extensive I’m sure. I know that it would be very helpful for new loomers like me to learn how other experienced loomers work other patterns. I just am having a hard time finding any loomers that would do it. Thank you again for all your hard work

  14. Hello please help me I recently bought a set of round looms and I am getting ladders in between all of my stitches. What am I doing wrong I am so frustrated thankyou
    I also bought your book to help me
    thankyou Lesley

  15. hi isela, can you pleases tell me how to do moss stitch on a round loom and a long loom? thankyou so much

  16. Hi Isela
    I tried downloading some of the tutorials and nothing came up – I do have Adobe for pdf files so I am wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and maybe a solution.
    I am new to loom knitting and am looking forward to getting started.

  17. Hi Isela!
    I have just recently purchased a set of looms for my daughter. She has been knitting for quite a few years and I thought the looms would give her an opportunity to speed up some of her simpler projects. She still does more basic stitches and gets confused while trying to read charts, however, she can knit whatever she likes on her own w/o a pattern.
    My question for you is…
    I have watched some of your videos on youtube and want to know, when you “knit” you use a different method than the “e-wrap” knit method most of the time… You go up the bottom stitch w/ hook, scoop the working yarn, make a loop, slide off old stitch and then put loop back on the peg…
    Then you say – Knit stitch…
    Is this just another method of doing the e-knit? It looks very similar to purling besides the working yarn being at the top of your existing stitch rather than the bottom.
    I ask because I haven’t seen this method anywhere else.
    Please share the workings of that method and reasoning behind – OR let me know what difference that stitch has to the e-stitch.
    Thx so much! I look forward to seeing more techniques from you.

  18. Hi,
    The main difference is that the e-wrap stitch produces whats called
    the Twisted Knit stitch (as in needles) and the Knit Stitch produces
    the regular V stitch as you see on most knitted garments. The e-wrap
    has a little twisted look at the bottom of the V making look more
    like a y rather than a v the knit stitch I demonstrate takes
    that twist out and leaves it looking like a v. I want my items to
    resemble needle knitted garments as close as possible and the Knit
    Stitch provides me with that look.
    Having talked about the Knit Stitch, I want to point out that there
    are 3 different ways to get the Knit Stitch–the version you saw on
    my video where it is like an upside down purl. There is also another
    method where you simply lay the yarn above the wrap on the peg and
    knit over the bottom loop. Then the 3rd version has you hug the
    peg with the yarn and then lift over the bottom yarn. The difference
    that I have seen are the following: a tighter knit stitch and it is
    shorter in height.
    I hope this helps.
    Isela Phelps

  19. Hi Isela,
    While trying to complete the “buttoned up” hat pattern, I have run into a question after finishing the brim. Since I had to BO4 at the beginning of row9, now I am at the last peg on row10 and I’m not sure whether to continue the stockinette stitch in a CW direction – (meaning I would knit over pegs which were already BO) or continue the stockinette stitch in a CCW direction to complete 26 rounds.
    Thank you for your help!!

  20. Bonjour Isela,
    J’ai vu sur ton site le MINI SCARFLET croisé avec 2 boutons, je le trouve magnifique.
    Est-ce possible d’avoir le patron.
    Merci de ta bonne attention et te souhaite une BOnne Année et de la santé
    Laval, P.Q.

  21. Isela,
    Thanks so much for clarifying the knit stitches for me! I refer to your site often right now and although I do watch other people’s methods as well, I have learned a lot from the many tutorials and have been able to develop my own methods incorporated with what you show. I feel confident to soon start my own project and hope to have a “pattern” to share as well. I finished my hat, I am very close to finishing my first pair of knee hi socks (they have turned out so cute), and I am working on my design for a pocket scarf. Once I am done with that I will be making my mother a scarf “hat”. I haven’t even started on my long looms and am getting pretty anxious. LOL I already have coupons ready for my next loom. Wanting a finer gauge but more versatility than just socks so I am searching for other things or a longer loom with adjustable pegs so I can do as I want. Budget though, big issue. Thanks again! You have been very helpful. I will have to look up the other types of knit stitch. I’d like to see when I should maybe use each one depending on the pattern I am working.

  22. I am having a hard time figuring out about how many rows to knit after the brim of the hat I am loomn knitting for my 6yr old little girl. It comes a little to big and gives off a sort of cone top or it comes a tad to small. Do you have any suggestions? I bought a kit with 4 size looms. I am using the second one in. Not the baby size but the one up from that? should I being using the larger one up? Thanks for your help!

  23. Mrs. Phelps,
    hi! I am pretty new to this latest fiber art passion! My question is this: I want to do a fairly simple dk scarf on one of the kk long looms. the instructions say to cast on 18. Is this 9 in front and 9 in back or 18 in ftont and 18 in back?
    Also, I would like to order one or two of your books . Any recommendations? Do you know of any good gathering spots online, for loom knitters? I love to look at people’s wonderful creations, and chat with other artists.
    Thanx for any and all help,
    blessings, serenity

  24. I am trying to learn how to make socks using the Japanese short row method which uses stitch markers instead of wrap & turn.
    Does anyone know where I can view a video on this method? I have the written instructions but find that videos help me to learn.

  25. Why are the posts listed by oldest to newest dates? It is frustrating for me to scroll down the page to find the most recent post.
    Maybe you can change this listing to newest to oldest post date.

  26. Hi Isela.
    Thank you so much for such great tutorials and detailed instructions for loom knitting. I was wondering if you had instructions for other bind off methods for round looms besides the gather method or crochet method? I am making a hat that is knit from the top to the bottom and am stuck with how to bind off. I do not want the bind off to be tight…need it stretchy and I feel like the crochet bind off would leave it too tight. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your help!

  27. Hello Isela–
    I purchase the curly Q instructions. For some reason my stiches come out loose almost as if it skiped a stich on the pegs where they have a double loop. Please help- I really love the look of the curly Q scarf. Thank you

  28. Hello Isela,
    I’m having problems with the W&T Wrap & Turn on the Q scarf. There are two methods on it one with a knit stitch and the other in purl stitch. At the point of the w&t they come out looking as if it skiped a stitch- the imperfection is so obvious. Please – is there a way I can see you going through the method. I must be doing it wrong somehow and it will help if I have visual. I’ve gone to google and youtube to find a way to see how to w&t the correct way with the loom but I can not find instruction anywhere. I look forward to your response. Thank you,
    I desperatly need help,

  29. Thank you for answering my email msg– I was so frustrated and thanks to your response finally figured out what I was doing incorrect. Yes, the heel part 1video is what I needed to see on the w&t technique!!!! Now I’m ready for my curly scarf — Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  30. This time again you have raised your bar of writing; it is simply beyond my imagination how you manage to pen down such good stuff! You much be an intellect. I wish you best of luck!!!

  31. Hi Isela,
    I have a KB Sock Loom and bought Loom Knitting Socks. I’m trying to make socks from the toe-up method. When i follow the insructions in the book and DVD with the loomfor the toe the piece I create is much to small to stretch on the loom starting counter clockwise from peg one. Are there any variations to the instructions using the KB rectangle loom.
    Thanks for your help.

  32. Isela
    I just started knitting as a hobby and unfortunately I really don’t understand very well what I’m reading in the books. I have always consider myself a visual learner so i was wondering will you ever make a video of all of your knitting projects?

  33. Hello there, First I would like to thank you for such wonderful instructional videos.
    My question is that i’m doing a hat that instructs me to cast off with a chain stitch – I can’t seem to find how to do this and would like assistance.

  34. Hello and good day to you.
    You probably hear this often, but I’m going to add to the crowd: your blog is wonderful and all of us loom knitters are grateful and appreciative of everything you do for the community. I especially appreciate it when you give instructions for a technique and also include what that stitch or technique is good for (such as this has this quality and will give you this result and is good for this type of project etc.)
    I have two questions I’m hoping you might have time to answer.
    #1: I’ve seen mentioned in various places (yahoo groups, ravelry etc.) references to errata pages for your Loom Knitting Primer book. Some of the links no longer seem to work and I was wondering if you could give a recent reference for where these corrections might now be found? I can’t seem to find them on your site, either. I’m probably missing them right under my nose, but further direction would be greatly appreciated.
    #2: I’ve been testing cast on and bind offs with various looms and yarns. I’m finding it rather frustrating trying to put together which “go together” so to speak, to create edges that match (like for a scarf or dish cloth.) The terminology seems to change so much and I’m not quite skilled enough yet to “see” how it’s going to look from the instructions. There especially seems to be limited options for the long looms/double rakes. I have a real dislike of needing to go back and finish off my cast on edge and I don’t care for the extra loopy figure 8 cast on either. When I found your lucet cast on, I was so happy! Then I realized I had absolutely no idea what bind off to use so I could have matching ends. Is this cast on only meant for projects with one edge showing? Is there a way to do a matching bind off? I would love to know how.
    Thank you for your time and trouble.
    Kind regards,
    Mongrel Muppet

  35. Hello! I am interested in tackling your curly q scarf pattern that is in my copy of your “Loom Knitting Pattern Book”. My question is if I can use a round loom for this project and how I would go about doing that. Thanks!

  36. I find patterns to knit with METALLIC LADDER Yarn
    can help me with this?
    As this thread is woven?
    That # of needle is used to weave this yarn ladder.

  37. Hi Isela,
    I am going to try to make the Jewelry box you posted as a free pattern. It says for rows 1-10 to do 5 GS ridges. I understand that -however, then it says to CO 5 a the beginning of row and knit to the end (17 sts on loom).. Does this mean I cast on 5 pegs to the left of my starting point? I am uncertain how to make the next 2 rows (rows 11 and 12) longer than the previous 10 rows? Can you help explain? thank you very much!!

  38. This is going to sound like a crazy question, but on patterns when it says “yo” yarn over, on the loom is that just wrapping the peg and bring the bottom loop over the top loop? Also if a pattern calls for “psso” pass the shaped stitch over, what does that mean and how do we do it on the loom? Thank you so much you are awesome.

  39. Hi! Went to go look at the Cable Tutorial PDF and it’s not there! Could you please re-post it as the other one you did for the I-cords is wonderful! Thanks!
    The link’s there but the file isn’t.

  40. I tried to look at the PDF file on Cables and the link said the file has been removed… ??? Can you please fix that… Cables are a mystery to me and somehow ONLY your videos and explanations make sense to me… THANK YOU

  41. Hi Isela,
    I have three of your books and the most recent one that I bought, Loom Knitting Pattern Book: 38 Easy, No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters (No-Needle Knits) the sequel to Loom Knitting Primer has many patterns that use the Baby Afghan Loom. In fact all the patterns that I am interested in use the Baby Afghan Loom. I have the 28″ Authentic Knitting Board and was wondering if this can be used in lieu of the Baby Afghan Loom. I’m just concerned about the # of pegs and gauge and whatnot. Any suggestions…
    Thanks a bunch!

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