Bind offs for the Messy Bun Hat

Here are three videos demonstrating different bind offs for the loom knitted Messy Bun Hats 

Elastic Bind Off

Basic Bind Off

Crochet Bind Off

Messy Bun Hat II

I have been knitting Messy Bun Hats since last Friday. I have knitted 8 with the previous pattern and now I am about to embark in knitting 9 with this new design.

The pattern is very similar to the original one, except this one has stockinette instead of single ribbing sections. Also, rather than decreasing slowly, I did the last round as k2tog all the way around. Click here to download the pattern from Ravelry. NOTE: PATTERN IS NEEDLE KNIT. Currently, I do not have a loom knitted version of it. 

Messy Bun Hat

These hats are flying off my needles and to my friends’ homes. I have had a few requests for a needle knit version. The above was knitted on size 10.5 and 11 size needles. You can use either dpns or circulars. The pattern is super simple and it goes quite fast. NOTE: PATTERN IS NEEDLE KNIT. Currently, I do not have a loom knitted version of it. 

Pattern is available free via Ravelry, click on link to be directed to download page.  Or also click on the image above to be taken to Ravelry to download the pattern.

Messy Bun Hat Video

Hi friends,

It has been awhile since I last created a video, but some of you (about 50 requests in less than one day) were requesting a video showing how to do the Messy Bun Hat. I apologize for the small screen. I only have my phone to take video. I hope the video helps out some of you.  Have a great holiday! 

Messy Bun Hat Pattern


NOTE: If you are using a different knitting loom than what is called in the pattern, keep the following in mind:

Pattern requires a peg count that is a multiple of 4 (40, 44, 48, etc)-the ribbing on the brim requires this multiple.

The hat be at least 7-7.5 inches in length from cast on to bind off. If you need to knit more rounds, repeat rounds 15-22 to maintain the stitch pattern. 

Messy Bun Hat

The Messy Bun hat allows you to keep your "do" intact while keeping you nice and toasty. My daughter sports a messy bun almost every day, so a messy bun hat was a must for our freezing Utah winters. 


Knitting loom: KB Hat Loom, set at large gauge with 40 pegs.

Yarn: Approx 90 yds of bulky weight blend acrylic/wool yarn.  Sample was knit with Mighty Stitch Bulky in Ash

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Other: Oval Cord Elastic by Dritz, about 1 yard. Used for bind off method 2. 

Gauge: 6.5 sts x 8 rows=2 inches


k=knit stitch (may use the u-stitch)

p=purl stitch




Cast on 40 sts, prepare to work in the rnd. 

Rnd 1-10: *k2, p2; rep from * to end of rnd. 

Rnd 11-14: k to end of rnd. 

Rnd 15-18: p to end of rnd.

Rnd 19-22: *k1, p1; rep from *  to end of rnd. 

Rep Rnds 15-22. 

Next 4 rnds: p to end of rnd. 

Bind off method 1: Bind off with basic bind off method (keep the bind off tight). 

Bind off method 2: Oval Cord Elastic by Dritz (about a yard). Using tapestry needle, thread the elastic through the tapestry needle. Remove all the stitches off the loom onto the elastic. Once all the stitches are on the elastic, cinch it close, leaving about a 6-inch circle of elastic, tie a knot to secure it. Cut the ends of the elastic. To secure further, use needle and thread and sew the ends of the elastic together. 

Weave ends in. Block lightly if needed. 


NOTE: If you are using a different knitting loom than what is called in the pattern, keep the following in mind:

Pattern requires a peg count that is a multiple of 4 (40, 44, 48, etc)-the ribbing on the brim requires this multiple.

The hat be at least 7-7.5 inches in length from cast on to bind off. If you need to knit more rounds, repeat rounds 15-22 to maintain the stitch pattern. 



NEW: Video

12/12/16: Needle Knit Version Available. Click on this link to be taken to Ravelry to download the needle knit version.

Zippy Master Set Winner

Our contest winner is!!!!

Steph, please contact me privately at purlingspriteATgmailDOTcom with your shipping information and I can get this to you as soon as possible. 


Thank you to all of you for participating! Stop by today, they are having a sale in all of their knitting looms! 


Zippy Master Kit Reveal

Feeling very lucky in being one of the first few to have received a complimentary set of the Zippy Master set. Receiving this kit allowed me to try it out and think about the wonderful possibilities of having a kit with all the pieces that I need to create tubular items, in a couple of different sizes. The only thing that I am missing to make this kit complete is a bag to put all the little pieces in so I don't lose them (hint, hint KB!). 



If you haven't seen the set yet, have a look, here is a video that put together for all their customers. It is truly a great kit! With the kit, you have the option of creating two different sizes of circular items, one with 20 pegs (all 4 sides, and the corners with the pegs), and one with 16 pegs (all 4 sides and the corner connectors). What does this mean? It means that you can create hats for adults and children with this kit! You can also use the peg rails and the straight connects and double knit! How exciting is this! It is something that I truly want to try–a nice super bulky cowl is in my future! Utah winters can be rough! 

Were you one of the lucky ones who bought the Zippy when it was first released? No worries, you can connect your other Zippys to this kit and make a bigger loom!!! 

In my excitement, combined with the current Olympics, I had the perfect excuse to sit down and knit this cozy blanket. I hope you enjoy the pattern. If you have any questions about it, please leave me a comment and I will be happy to assist you. The pattern in itself is very simple, if you know to create the knit stitch, you can create this afghan. The beauty of this pattern–I had this blanket done in less than 15 hours from start to finish! I have to admit that the hardest part was adding the fringe to the blanket. It is quite distracting to add fringe when your favorite swimmer(s) are performing and you have to make small little knots. I hope you enjoy the pattern and give the kit a chance! 

You don't have a kit and are low on funds due to the back-to-school spending extravaganza? Leave me a comment on this blogpost with "what you would like to make with this kit". I will pick 1 (one) winner on August 26, at noon (MST) and I will send you a kit and two skeins of yarn for you to try it. 


Can't wait and you want your very own? Hop on over to and get your Zippy Master Set today! 

Purling Sprite's Zippy Lapghan

Wrap yourself in a cloud of softness during those cold fall evenings with this luxurious lapghan.

Knitting loom: Zippy Master Set (used 4 sides, and 4 corners with pegs)

Yarn: 605 yds of Super Bulky (#7) yarn. Lion Brand Color Clouds – Alchemists Aqua was used in sample (11 skeins).

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, scissors, size Q crochet hook.

Gauge: 5 stitches x 8 rows=4 inches in stockinette

Size: 48" L (not counting the fringe) x 36" W

Approx time to knit and assembly: 15 hrs


Assemble Zippy Master into a 20-peg configuration (4 sides, and 4 corners with pegs, as shown below).


Make 3 panels as follows:

Cast on 20 stitches, prepare to work a flat panel. 

Row 1-93: knit to the end of row.

Bind off with basic bind off method.

Each panel requires approximately 3 skeins. 


Using the mattress stitch, invisibly seam all three panels together.

Block lightly.


Using crochet hook, crochet a single crochet border all around the blanket.

Cut approximately 120 pieces of yarn that are 10” in length to create the tassels.

Add fringe to the cast on edge and the bind off edge of the blanket.


Find more Zippy Master reviews/reveals at these links:

Learn to Loom Knit Cables Tutorial

This tutorial was for sale. I am making it available free of charge. Please grab a copy


Zippy Corners Unveiled!

The much awaited moment has finally arrived! It has been months in the making and designing of these corners. Coming up with different ideas that would fit and perform as desired.  Was very lucky to be one of the team members who helped designed aka dream these corners. I have enjoyed playing with them over the past couple of months. 

Buy the Corners at

Why use corners?

It allows us to make circular items in super bulky gauge, such as the in vogue-bulky knits that are hitting the runway right now. 

It allows to create larger panels without having a 5 foot long knitting loom–dreaming up chunky blankets! 

The Dream: 

Being part of the designing team allowed me to give input on the ease of assembly. I wanted an item that I could assemble easily, without having to wrestle the knitting loom down on the ground to fit the pieces together. I also wanted to have markers that will allow me to clearly "see" how I needed to assemble them. I also imagined a corner that was sturdy enough that will hold its own, meaning, a piece that won't break by being only "1" peg. 

The Assembly: 

Assembling the Zippy loom with corners has never been so simple! The corners are sturdy enough to maneuver without worrying about breaking, yet light weight to keep the knitting loom still a comfortable weight. Assembling is truly a matter of sliding and hearing it "pop" into place. Removing it is also that simple, slide it out of the groove the opposite way that it went in. 

You can purchase your very own set of corners now at! Grab a set and let me know what you make with your circular Zippy! 

And because I cannot tell you about a new loom without a pattern, here are two quick and easy patterns to try out on your new Zippy Corners! Slipped Purl Cowl & Chills Away Cowl.

 Time to go Blog Hopping and check out the other fun patterns for the Zippy Corners!

Bethany at GettingitPegged! 

Renita at StringTheory

Jenny at GuppyLovesShark has a little something for you too! 

Denise at KnitChat (Post on the Zippy Corners coming this evening).




Chills Away Cowl

An easy cowl to knit up with 27 yards and less than 1 hour! Keep the chill away this coming fall and winter.


Knitting Loom: (4) Zippy Looms, Corners

Yarn: 27 yards of super bulky yarn. Loops & Threads Chunky, shown in gray, was used in sample.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle

Gauge: 4 sts x 4 rows=4 inches in ewrap knit stitch


K=ewrap knit stitch

P=purl stitch



Assemble the Zippy loom with 4 Zippys and 4 corners as shown in this picture. 

Cast on 20 sts, join to work in the round.

Round 1: p to the end of round.

Round 2: k to the end of round.

Round 3: p to the end of round.

Round 4: p to the end of round.

Round 5-9: k to the end of round.

Round 10: p to the end of round.

Round 11: k to the end of round.

Round 12: p to the end of round.

Bind off loosely with basic bind off method.